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Both our Free and Paid Subscriptions allow you to add every single one of your staff to your account to benefit from the largest, most effective IT Business Improvement and Transformation resource in the Industry. Assign individual checklists, training courses and classes and more to your team and monitor their progress for success.
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Then let us help you improve your online branding, marketing and lead generation results with our best-in-class WordPress SEO Website 3.0 solution including Hosting absolutely FREE with your paid IT Business Builder Subscription!
As a Free Subscriber, take advantage of our comprehensive online self-help resource at www.spc-intl.com/selfhelp. Paid Subscribers benefit not only from our self-help site, but can request unlimited guidance, recommendations and support from our experienced partner support team by opening a ticket at www.spc-intl.com/support
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Our ability to offer Free Subscriptions is made possible through sponsored advertising that appears in certain areas of the IT Business Builder Training and Resource Center as banner and video ads and surveys from time to time. Paid Subscribers and their sub users enjoy a completely ad-free IT Business Builder Training and Resource Center experience.
Best Practice Guides
The Best I.T. Sales & Marketing BOOK EVER! focuses squarely on one of the most challenging aspects of running a successful I.T. practice - growing through effective sales and marketing. At nearly 500 pages, The Best I.T. Sales & Marketing BOOK EVER! reveals how to successfully sell and market I.T. solutions and become a Trusted Advisor to your clients.
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Business Processes
Our best practices-based business processes for improving your marketing, branding and lead generation outcomes will save you from making costly mistakes and accelerate your marketing ROI with the most successful, repeatable direct and indirect offline and online marketing techniques and tactics to help you achieve your lead generation and conversion goals.
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Our extensive library of client-facing articles attract and engage your target audience, and cover topics of curiosity and concern for business owners such as leadership, security, technology tips and tricks, the Cloud, outsourcing IT services and more. Use these assets in your newsletters, blog posts and website to increase brand awareness and lead generation outcomes.
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We've taken a huge step towards helping you supercharge the growth of your IT, Managed Services or Cloud practice with our IT Business Builder Checklists! Each of these valuable tools helps you in your hiring, training, marketing, sales and service delivery activities by providing you step-by-step instructions on how to accomplish each goal, along with the tasks and resources to do it! And best of all, you can create, assign, manage and track progress for each and every checklist right from within our IT Business Builder Resource Center!
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Client Facing Articles
Our extensive library of client-facing articles attract and engage your target audience, and cover topics of curiosity and concern for business owners such as leadership, security, technology tips and tricks, the Cloud, outsourcing IT services and more. Use these assets in your newsletters, blog posts and website to increase brand awareness and lead generation outcomes.
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Our document archive includes a vast selection of just about every resource you need to build, transform or improve your IT, Security, Managed Services or Cloud practice’s marketing performance with countless marketing plan templates, strategies, workflows, MDF request forms, white papers, strategy documents, marketing campaign schedules and more.
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Key Performance Indicators
Our Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are designed to provide you a clear view of the most critical data you should be measuring on a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis in your direct and indirect, offline and offline marketing, telemarketing, business breakfast, lunch ‘n learn and webcast initiatives to remain focused on what’s most important.
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Marketing Collateral
Our hundreds of individually downloadable marketing assets cover over 30 different IT services and solutions, and include a diverse selection of editable marketing messages incorporated into numerous email, direct mail and postcard templates, as well as telemarketing scripts, PowerPoint sales presentation decks and more to improve lead capture and conversion.
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Marketing Kits
Our Marketing Collateral Kits include complete, comprehensive and customizable marketing campaigns for your IT, MSP and Cloud services and solutions. Each Marketing Collateral Kit includes a complete set of calling scripts, case studies, white papers, email and direct mail letters and live event invitation templates for each solution-specific marketing campaign. Our Marketing Kits contain a potential of 1,000 different marketing collateral color combinations to match your brand, and will improve your lead generation outcomes, help you secure more sales appointments and accelerate sales velocity.
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Our telemarketing, event invitation and appointment-setting scripts are written to generate interest and curiosity in your target audience and differentiate you from your competitors. Designed to help navigate gatekeepers and reach decision-makers, our scripts identify pain and need while building urgency in your prospects to meet with you to discover how you can help.
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Slide Decks
Our vast selection of PowerPoint slide decks complement each of our numerous webinar and video presentations, as well as cover marketing and sales presentations for just about every product, service or solution you promote, sell and support in your IT, Security, Managed Services, VoIP, Cloud practice and more to educate, train and enable your entire team.
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Our purpose-built, proven collection of IT business improvement tools include calculators, spreadsheets, processes, procedures, workflows and more to improve your direct and indirect marketing, telemarketing, live event and webcast lead generation outcomes without reinventing the wheel. Use our tools to increase ROI and eliminate costly mistakes.
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Our extensive video library includes recorded webinars, and high definition videos featuring our subject matter experts delivering live training sessions, events and panels on emerging technologies such as Managed Services, Cloud, Virtualization, Mobility, Unified Communications and more, as well as timely marketing topics such as online and offline SEO, responsive website and email marketing design and more.
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Each Course in our growing IT Business Builder Training Center is comprised of individual Classes designed to provide you a thorough understanding of specific concepts to help you succeed in your training efforts and outcomes. Courses cover strategic IT business improvement areas such as operations, marketing, sales and service delivery, in addition to emerging technologies such as Managed Services, the Cloud, Mobility, Unified Communications, Virtualization and more. Course progress is measured and reported, and you have the ability to assign Courses and Classes to your team.
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Each Class in our growing IT Business Builder Training Center is comprised of recorded video and/or audio training, along with forms, tools, collateral and other resources to help you complete skills-based activities and execute relevant training tasks to achieve its learning objectives. Your retention of the curriculum delivered is evaluated by a test at the completion of each Class, and your progress is measured and reported and rolls up into its associated Course.
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