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A lack of strategic planning, organization, and leadership may well be a greater threat to your business than your competition. An IT Business Builder Subscription can help you create a solid business plan, develop your leadership skills, maximize client revenue, reduce operational costs and increase services margins and get the additional critical metrics necessary to build a solid foundation for growth and more.

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Develop Your Strategic Improvement Plan

In order to achieve sustainable, predictable business growth you’ll need to develop a strategic plan for improvement that begins with an unbiased analysis of your organization’s current performance, business unit by business unit. Once you have established this baseline, you can target your desired performance improvement in each critical area, and craft a strategic plan to achieve it. An IT Business Builder Subscription can help you, your leadership and management teams conduct this analysis and establish and achieve your business improvement goals with GAP and SWOT analysis tools, resources and techniques. These will help you identify and leverage your organization’s Strengths, overcome its Weaknesses, exploit your Opportunities and mitigate your Threats to achieve your strategic business improvement goals.

Choose The Right Strategic Vendor and Fulfillment Partners

In order to increase your strategic value to your clients, increase retention and the lifetime value of your client relationships, you must be able to meet all of their business technology needs. But it is impossible to do this without the right strategic vendors and fulfillment partners to help. An IT Business Builder Subscription can help you identify which services and solutions you should deliver yourself, which lend themselves best to outsourcing, and provides you solid research, evaluation, partnering and management processes, tools, forms and agreements to protect all parties and promote success.

Hire, Train and Manage Human Resources

It’s no secret that in order to build your organization into an efficient, profitable growing business, you need to build your people. But now just any people – you want to hire, train, motivate and manage the best sales, technical, management and administrative talent, not just the best available talent. An IT Business Builder Subscription can provide you all of the best practices tools, techniques, processes, training and resources you need in order to to hire the right resources for the right positions the first time, and understand different personality types to manage, motivate and inspire your staff to succeed as a team and more.

Leverage Ready-Made Operational Processes, Workflows, Resources and Tools

An IT Business Builder Subscription includes valuable leadership, management and operational business improvement tools and processes including hiring, training, team building processes and tools and compensation and bonus plans, financial chart of account and P&L templates, service pricing tools and calculators, business forms, key performance indicators, fulfillment partnering and service agreements, business process workflows, templates, business operations best practice guides and more to equip and empower your leadership, management team and administrative staff to meet and exceed your operational goals.

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