Improve Service Delivery

You have a greater chance of losing a client to poor service delivery than to a lower price. An IT Business Builder Subscription can help you retain your clients and increase their lifetime value by training and equipping your technical team with the right On-Boarding, dispatch, project management, service desk and NOC operations and ongoing incident management processes and more.

A Free SPC Subscription Can Help You...

Standardize Your Service Delivery Processes

The most successful IT organizations have reaped the benefits of standardization across all of their processes and procedures, reducing their labor costs, increasing service efficiencies and scaling their services to more clients effectively. An IT Business Builder Subscription can help you and your service managers standardize on your client on-boarding, dispatch and day to day service delivery, incident management, solution scoping and project deployment and management procedures and hold your technicians and engineers accountable to executing them while consistently documenting their work and labor time.

Invest In And Optimize The Right Tools

In order to reduce your service delivery costs and grow service margins, you’ll need to invest in and optimize the right tools that allow you to be more predictive and proactive in your service delivery and replace as much repetitive, high-touch human labor as possible with automation to manage and conduct ticketing, alerting and escalation, patch management, service and process self-healing and more. An IT Business Builder Subscription can help you identify and optimize the right solutions to free your staff to deliver more high-visibility and profitable activities for your clients.

Hire, Train and Manage Technical Resources

Once you’ve sold your services and solutions, you must deliver on your agreements and SLAs in order to retain and grow the lifetime value of each of your client relationships. An IT Business Builder Subscription can help you learn the most effective ways to advertise for the best talent and evaluate prospective hires before, during and after their interviews, and design attractive compensation plans and training and management strategies that inspire and motivate new and existing technical staff to continue to increase their labor utilization, improve client and end-user satisfaction and grow their technical competencies.

Leverage Ready-Made Service Delivery Processes, Workflows, Resources and Tools

An IT Business Builder Subscription includes valuable technical hiring tools and processes, compensation and bonus plans, help desk and NOC incident management processes and workflows, service dispatch processes, project kick-off agreements and project phase and overall project acceptance agreements, change order forms, cloud, managed services, virtualization, mobility and new technologies best practice guides, new Client On-Boarding processes and checklists, service agreements, outsourcing strategies and fulfillment partner agreements and more to equip and empower your service managers and technical teams to meet and exceed your service goals.

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